Ian David

Ian has over 30 years experience as a Creative Director/Copywriter in Europe and the United States. 

Old enough to remember Cow Gum and Magic Markers and young enough to be excited by the possibilities of the new digital frontier, Ian is, first and foremost, a lover of ideas.

Bold ideas. Audacious ideas. Ideas that surprise, coerce, seduce and cajole; ideas that induce laughter, tears, anger, sadness, shock, and awe; ideas that make you want to punch the person sitting next to you and say, “Hey, have you seen this?!” 

Those kinds of ideas.

He knows that creating work that achieves any or all of the above takes talent and lots of it. For this reason, he is delighted to have been asked to judge this year’s Nods. 

A passionate railer against the idiocy of ageism in advertising, Ian is currently the Creative Director of FEARLESS, a network of top-tier senior talent dedicated to helping ambitious clients achieve the most outrageous of goals. 

He’s also the writer-at-large at Blokewriter, an advertising blog of hard truths and occasional wisdom.

Blog  Blokewriter.com  
FEARLESS forthefearless.com